10 must have services no one knew, that 5-star hotels offer

10 must have services no one knew, that 5-star hotels offer

When someone says “5-Star hotel”, you’d probably think of these immediately: luxurious, expensive, and excellent service. Now, what about a 1-Star hotel?

“A 1-Star hotel?” some may question ludicrously, “who even goes there?”
Like many others, your mind would have probably stalled for a moment as it tries to conjure an image of a 1-Star hotel, and end up associating it with being ‘cheap’ or ‘dodgy’.

We all know of the widely-used hotel star ratings, and we use it. But how much do you actually know about this rating system?

Standards of Hotel Classifications

Although the star-rating isn’t a universally used classification, you’ll probably find it the most common.

1-Star and 2-Star hotels, otherwise termed “Tourist” and “Standard” respectively, is for no-frills budget stays with very basic amenities – the latter having a higher level of cleanliness and comfort.

3-Star hotels, otherwise termed “Comfort”, feature better service and additional amenities.

4-Star, otherwise termed “First Class”, moves you up the scale on comfort, quality, service, and variety of amenities and facilities.

5-Star, otherwise termed “Luxury”, is given to the finest hotels with first-class services, luxurious settings, and state-of-the-art facilities.

The “Superior” mark is also given to each star rating to flag extras beyond the minimum defined standards, but not enough for the next tier.

Now that you’ve got the basics, here are the 10 aspects that set a 5-Star hotel apart from the rest.

  1. Impeccable Service

One of the most important aspects that give a 5-Star hotel its rating is the service.

Staff in 5-Star hotels are comprehensively trained to provide guests with the most consistent and personalised experience. They are highly-dedicated, extremely attentive and meticulous, and even address you by name. Your requests are always flawlessly executed with their high staff-to-guest ratio, and kept in records for future visits.

In 4-Star hotels, your needs will be met upon request, but in 5-Star hotels, every need is anticipated in advance. For example: The moment you arrive outside, a bellhop will welcome you with a warm smile as he open the car doors for you, proactively taking care of your baggage and delivering up to your room promptly.

Credit: Luxury Insider

  1. Comprehensive List of Services

Besides the doorman and bellhop, 5-Star hotels offer a list of enhanced services such as complimentary valet parking, butler services, 24-hour reception, 24-hour room service with evening turn-down, and complimentary shoe polish and ironing services. The 24-hour concierge are usually manned in-house as opposed to outsourced vendors, and will score you higher chances at hard-to-get reservations.

These services may be offered at 4-Star hotels, but none as comprehensive.

More often than not, 5-Star hotels offer more than the above-mentioned services. Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s extensive list of services include the photo processing service, postal and courier service, babysitting and child care service, and transportation services like airport transfer, car rental, city shuttle, and taxi and limousine service.

  1. Luxurious Rooms

Rooms in 5-Star hotels are more spacious and come luxuriously equipped with facilities to make you feel more at home. Guests can expect to have all their needs attentively fulfilled by the quality beddings, in-room coffee machines or mini-bar, in-room safe or locker, en-suite bathrooms, in-room reading materials, and even down to details like number of hangers available in the wardrobe.

5-Star hotels will also have at least one luxury suite comprising of 3 separate rooms – a bedroom, lounge, and bathroom – which is otherwise non-compulsory for 4-Star hotels.

Valley Wing Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Suite
Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

  1. Premium Bathroom Amenities

You can tell a lot from the bathroom of a 5-Star hotel room.

Besides the pristine cleanliness and open space, it is also neatly-stocked with a range of vanity products like shower caps and nail files, complete with personal care products like body lotion and conditioner from premium name-brands.

  1. Exquisite Physical Aesthetics

It’s hard to find flaws in the aesthetics of a 5-Star hotel property. From the lavish hotel lobbies, to the exquisite details of the bed linens, every physical aspect of ‘look and feel’ is intricately designed and selected. Lobbies are stylishly furnished with comfortable seating areas, and rooms are decorated with specific fixtures, fabrics, colour schemes, and even live flora. Unlike typical hotels, you can rarely find flaws like chipped paint in a 5-Star hotel.

Iconic Attire of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Doorman and The Lobby
Credit: Who to Fly With

  1. Technologically Equipped

5-Star hotels consistent go through rejuvenation to upgrade their offers to guests. With technology being so prominent and heavily relied on today, 5-Star hotels are always updated with new technology to elevate the guest experience. Rooms are fitted with Smart TVs, good sound systems, and come will complimentary wifi or broadband internet access, which is usually fast and stable.

Guests can also expect features of smart living such as logic lightings

  1. Additional Facilities For Varying Needs

Your needs are anticipated before you even say a word, and one of the ways 5-Star hotels do it is offering an extensive range of business and leisure facilities. To accommodate the wide spectrum of needs of guests, 5-Star hotels houses facilities like secondary dining options, fitness centres, spas, business centres, sauna rooms, and more.

Unlike other hotels, 5-Star hotels will also usually have kids’ amenities to cater to families.

A perfect example of 5-Star hotels fulfilling needs of all their guests is Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s facilities for the physically-challenged – something that more establishments should work to include for the convenience of our physically-challenged friends.

  1. Variety of Quality Food & Beverages

You’ll probably find at least one eating place in a typical hotel, or not. In a 5-Star hotel, you will definitely have a place to fill your tummies, 7 days a week, with full service lunch. And if you’re feeling peckish in the middle of the night, supper is just a phone call away.

The kitchens are usually led be renowned chefs accredited with accolades from Rosettes to Michelin stars. Menus are more diverse, and dishes and drinks served are generally made with higher quality ingredients.

Part of the buffet spread from The Line Restaurant
Credit: Singapore Guide

  1. General Upkeep

A 5-Star hotel keeps tabs on the quality of every nitty-gritty part of its property. This one’s pretty straightforward, but a clean and well-maintained hotel is important in ensuring the comfort and safety of all guests.

  1. Overall Guest Experience

All in all, factors like the hotel’s hospitality, comfort, F&B, amenities, facilities, cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetics adhere to extremely high standards. When you stay in a 5-Star hotel, you would feel pampered. A 5-Star hotel should reflect luxury and sophistication.

One of the ways Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore enhance guest experience is providing guests with a shopping experience in its confines: hair and beauty salon, a nail lounge, a florist, a gift shop, and even a very convenient foreign exchange counter.

And although most 5-Star hotels are large properties, there are actually some independent smaller boutiques rising up to this recognition too– offering elegant intimacy.

Decide your own 5-Star rating

At the end of the day, this rating system is arbitrary and really up to you to decide what’s the holy grail of the industry. Looking beyond the star ratings, spend some time to read the hotel’s website and guests’ reviews, and above all, experience it yourself!

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