Buds by Shangri-La – An Interactive Play Space for Children to Sing, Bake, Perform, and Party

Buds by Shangri-La – An Interactive Play Space for Children to Sing, Bake, Perform, and Party

As parents, you will often find yourselves weighing out places to visit based on how family-friendly they are. Are there nursing rooms around? Will there be sufficient space to park the pram?

While basic family facilities like nursing rooms and child seats are fairly common these days, quality dedicated play spaces in Singapore hotels are rare. Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is one of the first few in Singapore to fill that gap, with its latest addition Buds by Shangri-La.

An Interactive Play Space for Children

Opened earlier in January this year, Buds by Shangri-La takes the young ones on a journey of discovery through four key narratives: embracing nature, adventure, camaraderie, and independence.

Explorer Zone – Space Station / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

One of the best ways for children to learn is through play, and the curated play space at Buds by Shangri-La will allow them just that. Not only will they learn in a creative environment, the self-directed and experiential activities offered here will also let them have lots of fun while doing so!

Clockwise from top left: Ball Pit, Boxing, Sand Pit, Fire Moutain  / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

For children 4 years and up, the Explorer Zone is the ultimate indoor playground. The five play areas feature slides, climbing and swinging structures, air blasters for shooting foam balls, a large ball pit, and a sand-play area. We’re sure even the adults will wish they were young again so they can play at the Explorer Zone!

Toddler Zone / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

As for children under the age of four, the dedicated soft-play Toddler Zone will offer them a safe place to play, keeping them fully engaged with vintage kiddy rides, slides, a ball pit, and even an interactive piano floor.

For The Budding Creatives

The three themed activity spaces offer lots of room for creativity and imagination.

Muddy room / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The Muddy room is perfect for budding artists who like to make a splash. Here, your children can indulge in painting with glow-in-the-dark paints, with the walls as their canvases. Pick your favourite colours and brushes and start painting!

Stage room / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The Stage room is a music studio for burgeoning performers. The little ones get to choose from a wide selection of songs, complete with the appropriate getup to complement the performance. The friendly staff will also assist with recording your child’s very own music video, and you get to keep the music video as a memento in the form of a thumb drive.

Bake room / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The best way to bond is where you and your child spend time together, and the Bake room provides that and more. Bake is a fully equipped cooking classroom where your and your child can learn to bake together, with classes held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The culinary skills acquired can be applied together at home as well!

Party room / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Looking for a space to host a birthday party? The Party Room is perfect for just that. The playful décor and ambient lights illuminate the room, taking your birthday party to the next level!

Outdoor Giant Pirate Ship / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

We all know children love to play with water, and Buds by Shangri-La has a whole outdoor area dedicated to just that: The Splash Pads at the Outdoor Playground. Aptly located beside the Giant Pirate Ship, the little ones can cool down at the splash pads or the free-form pool nearby after conquering the challenging climbs and slides at the giant pirate ship.

Splash Pad / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

There are also 40,500 square metres of lush gardens around the hotel compound to explore as a family. Go on The Great Shangri-La Treasure Hunt with your children and collect a surprise treat when you complete the hunt together!

Fun activities aside, one of the key concerns for parents is safety. Buds by Shangri-La recognises the importance of that and offers radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristbands for children who enter the premises, allowing parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts easily. These wristbands are also made of natural, organic materials that are gentle on the skin.

Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

When your children go about their own adventures, give yourself some time off at Recharge Café, conveniently located within the facility. Chill out with some bites and a cuppa, and put your mind at ease with your children within your line of sight.

Complete Family Staycation

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, is the first hotel on Orchard Road to design and build an interactive play space for children, catering to both hotel guests and non-hotel guests.

To complete the family experience, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore has also launched five brand new Family Themed Suites and 19 Deluxe Family Rooms.


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