Choose Wellness – Curate Your Personal Staycation For The Mind and Body

Choose Wellness – Curate Your Personal Staycation For The Mind and Body

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We all know how staycations are now a norm, especially in Singapore where leaves are precious and an overseas vacation is a luxury. As a way to escape from the hustle and bustle, many Singaporeans turn to staycations. Not only does it let you unwind and recharge from the stresses of work, it’s so much easier to plan one as you can just book a package for the weekend.

Likewise, staycation choices in Singapore are aplenty, with each hotel touting their own attractions. However, so many hotels offer similar experiences and promotions, and it can be a dilemma to decide on one without wondering if you’re missing out on better deals out there.

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to go for a staycation, or looking for a special package that gives you value for money, the newly-launched Choose Wellness package from Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore will give you all the reasons to treat yourself.

Choose Wellness: Curate Your Own Staycation Package

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Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Embark on your journey to wellness at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore with a 3 day / 2 nights package that includes a customisable menu of activities designed to rebalance the body and mind.

For basics, the Choose Wellness package gives you perks like welcome drink at Garden Wing, or welcome champagne at Valley Wing, complimentary breakfast for two, and complimentary fitness classes including yoga and Aquaspin, complete with a yoga mat available to continue practicing your yoga poses back in your room.

The truly exceptional feature of the package is the menu of wellness activities.
Choose your preferred activity from the six options offered below, and you’re set for a wonderful staycation with your plus one.

1. Private Yoga Session

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (Yoga in The Orchid)Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Don’t cross this out just because of your age, fitness level, or flexibility, because Yoga can be done by anyone. There’s a reason why there are so many devout Yogis. And the Private Yoga Session will let you experience the benefits of Yoga for yourself.

Otherwise known as “the yoga of awareness”, the Kundalini Yoga session will be led by Barbara Goursat, as taught by the iconic Yogi Bhajan. During the 90-minute session, you’ll be taught a series of asanas (yoga postures), a pranayama (breathing technique), and a meditation technique to complete the experience.

And because there are so many different yoga sets that induce various positive effects, you can choose among the following yoga sets.

Yoga set for stress relief

It’s important to understand that stress is a condition, not an illness. Too much stress and it begins to affect your thoughts, behaviors, and even health. However, once you learn to recognise the things in your life that trigger stress responses, you take an important step toward managing your stress.

In this yoga set, you’ll pick up a yoga practice that you can do regularly to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension.

Yoga set for energy boost

Yoga, with its unique synergy of body and breath work, is perfect when your reserves are running low.

Learn a nifty trick or two on how you can get an energy boost from just practicing Yoga.

Yoga set for flexibility

Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine: to stay young, stay flexible.

This series of works will stimulate all 26 vertebrae from the base of your spine to the top, and in turn, you’ll feel a boost of spiritual power within you.

Yoga set for weight loss

Yoga teaches you to use your own body weight to tone, strengthen, and lengthen muscles. You become leaner and when you create lean muscles tissue, you burn more calories, even when you’re resting.

Yoga also helps rid the body of excess water and bloating.

Yoga set for woman

For the ladies, Yoga can show you how to embrace the feminine energy to enhance your physical and spiritual development. Learn how you can elevate your consciousness, live your dream and celebrate the beauty of womanhood.

2. Wellness Cooking Class

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (Resident Wellness Chef)Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Now, you can learn how to make healthy dishes at home, by signing up for a wellness cooking class. Get insightful tips from our Resident Wellness Chef and learn how to prepare three of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s best-selling dishes: the Seasonal Wellness Sushi Platter, Beet and Spinach Salad, and Rainbow Trout with Wild Seaweed Salad.

Just remember to place your booking one week in advance before you head down to The Waterfall for the cooking class, as preparations have to be made to ensure you get the best experience.

3. Mentoring in Mindfulness Session

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (The Orchid)Image Credit: @maria_ponomaryova

It’s easy to fall into the ‘Singaporean habit’ of complaining about things. Whether work or school, we’ve all gone through stressful phases where we get agitated and upset by the littlest triggers. But as the saying goes, it’s all in the mind, and a positive mindset makes a difference.

Meditation is a good way to cleanse our minds of the incessant mental chatter, and it benefits us in many ways from reducing stress and increasing happiness, to improving our cardiovascular and immune health.

Even if you’re a skeptic of such a practice, give this 90-minute Mentoring in Mindfulness Session a shot. Be guided by KRI-certified Kundalini Yogi Barbara Goursat on how to create stillness within yourself where you do not react to the unceasing flow of the mind. You’ll be surprised at how the tools and techniques can actually help in your day-to-day life.

4. Physical Function, Mobility and Strength Test (60 minutes)

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (Yoga in The Orchid)Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

If you’ve ever wondered how fit you actually are, this tailored fitness assessment will answer all your questions.

In this 60-min session led by Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s professional fitness coach, your body will be evaluated through seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. Each test will be given a grading of 1 to 3.  There is also a fitness rehabilitation and management of injury risk in active individuals.

5. A massage of choice at CHI, The Spa

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (CHI, The Spa)Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Luxurious yet down to earth, CHI, The Spa provides you a space for personal peace and well-being. If you’ve been particularly stressed out at work, or having back or neck aches, these 60-minute Signature CHI, The Spa massages will take away all that and leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Choose from a selection of massages including the Singapore Heritage Massage, which is a combination of traditional Asian massage and therapeutic massage techniques to provide complete relaxation of the mind and body.

Unsure which massage is best suited for you? Go through a pre-consultation with one of the trained spa therapists to find out the best technique to fit your needs, and allow yourself to be rejuvenated in your personal sanctuary.

6. Private Seasonal 4-Course Wellness Dinner (Al Fresco or Indoor)

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (Fruit Bowl)Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

 Treat yourself to a bespoke four-course dinner prepared by Shangri-La Hotel’s wellness chef, where each dish has been thoughtfully designed to feature superfoods that nourish the body and promote multiple health benefits.

The wellness menu is designed to be balanced and contain nutrient-dense, whole foods to promote multiple health benefits. The use of salt and sugar is minimised and anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting super foods are featured. Sustainable ingredient sourcing is another integral part of the holistic wellness food philosophy, and the menu incorporates organic eggs, hormone-free and antibiotic-free chicken, and grass-fed meat.

Cooking methods have also been chosen to retain nutritional value and preserve the natural flavour of ingredients. The healthy dining options suit a variety of tastes and dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan.

The meal kicks-off with the Seasonal Wellness Sushi Platter, which comes with the freshest seasonal seafood, vegetables, rice brine, brown rice, and nutrient-dense quinoa, which helps to keep blood sugar levels steady (good for diabetics).

Other healthy dishes offered in the wellness menu include the Warm Kale Salad, a vegetarian superfood combination of kale, mushrooms, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, toasted nuts and seeds with tahini vinaigrette. It is nutrient-dense and loaded with vitamins A, C, K and calcium to support bone health.

The Rainbow Trout with Wild Seaweed is made with pan-seared trout, wild seaweed, mesclun greens and ponzu dressing. Seaweed is rich in iodine and supports thyroid health and healthy metabolism.

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (The Waterfall)Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Lastly, the Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake is free of dairy, gluten and grains. Made with olive oil and reduced sugar, this almond flour-based dessert is served with raspberry compote and seasonal berries.

Change The Way You Staycation

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Choose Wellness Package (Swimming Pool)Image Credit: @phillip2.k

With a believe that hospitality from the heart takes into consideration your well-being from a holistic perspective — physical, mental and nutritional, the Choose Wellness package from Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore will help you eat well and stay well even while you’re away from home.

Above all, the many activities that come with your bespoke wellness staycation with Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore will change the way you enjoy a hotel stay.

The Choose Wellness package is now available for booking. Head over to Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore to curate your wellness staycation package.


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