The Line: Where the best gastronomic adventures in Singapore awaits

The Line: Where the best gastronomic adventures in Singapore awaits

Singapore is renowned for many things, but our food is almost always one of the firsts you think of.  And with good reason.

Our island country features a variety of international cuisines, both the sweet and the savoury. From hawker centres to restaurants, you’ll never find yourself wanting. And on the topic of food, who can ignore the vaunted Michelin star? As a paradise for food, Singapore is home to a stunning number of Michelin star restaurants, 29 if you’re counting. The gourmet connoisseur will certainly not have any issue finding their next great meal.

But herein lies one setback – the ravenous diner would have to travel from location to location on a food hunt.

Instead, for those looking to satiate their palates at one convenient location, The Line restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore presents a tantalising alternative.

The Line, Quality Redefined

The Line restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore has long since boasted a sterling reputation with prominent Singaporean food bloggers Miss Tam Chiak as well as Seth Lui. On an international playing field, its reputation also stands proud with reviews from visitors from all over the world on TripAdvisor.

The star attractions at The Line are the live cooking station where diners can be regaled by stunning culinary performances. These live cooking are demonstrated at 16 different theatre kitchens, with 16 different cuisine styles.

A peek into the cooking theatres will present diners with succulent Asian and Western Roast Meats, as well as the freshly shucked oysters and crab meat seafood verrines at the seafood station.

The Roast / Image Credit: Chope

Sunday Champagne Brunch / Image Credit: Camemberu

Image Credit: bossacafez

The gastronomic delights do not stop there, and guests can continue their exploration of the food map into the exotic delights of India with steaming heaps of biryani and butter chicken.

Turkish Delights at The Line / Image Credit: Melicacy

For the diners who wish to partake in the culinary delight of Singapore, the local cooking theatre also features a tasteful selection of famous dishes such as Laksa, roast duck rice and black pepper crab.

Image Credit: Chope

Meanwhile, puts the final touches of satiation on your palate with a perfect wine pairing. The bar at The Line features a specially curated selection of wines, as well as juices and smoothies for the less alcohol-inclined.

But before you fill up on the decadent array of choices, do remember to leave some space for dessert! The Line is equally well-known for a breath-taking variety of choices, all of which are visually just as appealing.

Tirasmisu and foret noir / Image Credit: bossacafez

Chocolate Gateaux / Image Credit: bossacafez

Save A Date And Time

The food at The Line might not be Michelin starred, but the quality is nothing short of marvellous. The good news is that even though some sections of the hotel will be under refurbishment till 16 May 2017, The Line is not one of them.

The Restaurant is open daily from 5am to 1am, as the hours segue from Continental breakfast buffets and à la carte to the glorious spreads that are the Lunch and Dinner buffets.

For more information, you can visit The Line at its main website here.


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