Is Singapore an Island or a City?

Is Singapore an Island or a City?

Is Singapore an Island or a City?

Here’s one interesting fact about Singapore we bet you didn’t know.

It is made up of one main island, with 63 other islands surrounding it. 

It’s a little-known fact that baffles many Singaporeans, as seen in this locally-produced video for Singapore’s 50th Birthday.

Read on to find out what other islands surround our sunny Singapore!

TheSmartLocal - Singaporeans Try: SG50 Pop Quiz (National Day Special)Image Credit: TheSmartLocal

Islands of Singapore

1. Sentosa

Undoubtedly the most renowned island in Singapore, Sentosa is also known as the State of Fun — a fact we don’t deny. It’s home to Universal Studios Singapore and the world’s largest oceanarium, the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Universal Studios SingaporeUniversal Studios Singapore / Image Credit: BeMyGuest

S.E.A. AquariumS.E.A. Aquarium / Image Credit: Living Nomads

How to get there: Walk from VivoCity (Harbourfront MRT station) or ride the monorail from VivoCity.

But enough about Sentosa, what about the other 62 islands? While many of the small ones are not open to visitors, these following islands should be on your list for your next island hopping adventure!

2. Kusu Island

“Tortoise island”, or better known as Kusu Island, is home to many Chinese and Malay shrines, and is generally packed during the 9th lunar month for pilgrims.

Kusu Island - Da Bo Gong TempleDa Bo Gong Temple / Image Credit: Singapore Island Cruise

Just like its name suggests, the island is also a tortoise sanctuary and you can interact with the animals. Just don’t bring them home!

Kusu IslandImage Credit: Cavin Teo

How to get there: Ferry from Marina South Pier.

3. Lazarus Island

If you think Singapore doesn’t have pretty waters, think again. Lazarus Island boast calm and clear waters, and is a perfect spot for a day out to have a picnic or even swim.

Lazarus IslandLazarus Island / Image Credit: Charles EyE’s PiX

The island is also home to a community of friendly felines. Tip for cat lovers: bring wet food!

Cats of Lazarus IslandCats of Lazarus Island / Image Credit: The Finder

You can also rent a yacht for the day and take a refreshing dip in this private lagoon.

Yacht outingYacht outing / Image Credit: Marina at Keppel Bay

How to get there: Take a ferry from Marina South Pier or walk from St. John’s Island.

4. St. John’s Island

St. John’s Island is linked to Lazarus by a bridge, making the pair a convenient day plan. Formerly a quarantine zone for victims of cholera and other diseases, this island is now a mini utopia for fishermen and picnic goers.

Bridge linking Lazarus to St. John's Bridge linking Lazarus to St. John’s / Image Credit: The Nomadic Traveler

You might even beget lucky and spot frolicking dolphins!

Dolphins of St John's IslandDolphins of St John’s Island / Image Credit: Con Foley

How to get there: Take a ferry from Marina South Pier or walk from Lazarus Island.

5. Sisters’ Island Marine Park

Legend has it that 2 sisters, Lina and Minah, were forcibly separated from each other by pirates and subsequently drowned, and their bodies transformed into two beautiful islands where they perished.

Sisters' IslandBig Sister on the left, Little Sister on the right / Image Credit: Shipping Off to Singapore

Sisters’ Islands Marine Park spans 40 hectare, and is home to corals and numerous marine life such as anemone shrimps and giant clams.

Giant Clam and SquidGiant Clam and Squid / Images Credit: The Smart Local and WildSingapore

If you’d like to venture beyond the surface, there are also dive trails that lead you to an underwater coral forest. 

Dive TrailsDive Trails / Image Credit: National Parks Board

How to get there: Charter a boat from West Coast Pier or Marina South Pier. 

Island Hop Singapore

Singapore has a lot more to offer than just its diverse food selections and shopping districts.

The next time you’re here, take some time out for an island hopping adventure and let your cameras capture more than just our cityscape.

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