Healthy Snacking Goes A Long Way At Midnight, Here Are A Few Places That Have the Perfect Solution

Healthy Snacking Goes A Long Way At Midnight, Here Are A Few Places That Have the Perfect Solution

More often than not, we crave for the most sinful food at the most ungodly hours. It also doesn’t help that most of the food that are easily or conveniently available at such hours are the unhealthy ones. It’s almost as if the devil ran the F&B industry.

So where then can you get your midnight indulgence without feeling guilty for loading up on the calories?

Where To Get Your Midnight Munchies

Ask any Singaporean where to go when feeling peckish at midnight and you’ll be recommended places to the likes of McDonald’s, prata shops, or even 7-11’s cup noodles – all of which aren’t the wisest of choices.

So we’ve unearthed a list of places where you can have a midnight snack that is both healthy and delicious.

For A Late Dinner (By 10pm)

Roll Out Sushi Bar

Roll Out Sushi BarCredit: Roll Out Sushi Bar

A takeout sushi bar serving sushi rolls with a local twist, these rolls come in creative combinations of healthy ingredients, and looks great in pictures as well!

Address: Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5, B1-K11, Singapore 529510
Operating hours: 10.30am – 10pm
Website here.


Vegan BurgCredit: Veganburg

The world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint, this American chain offers nutritious vegan options in the form of burgers – not what you’d expect!

Address: 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502
Operating hours: 11.30am – 10pm (last order 9.45pm)
Website here.

Healthy Supper Places (Past 10pm)

Aloha Poké

Aloha PokeCredit: Aloha Poké

A Hawaiian staple traditionally comprising of seasoned Ahi (Tuna) tossed with toasted sesame seeds, sweet onions and scallions, you can now get the first of its kind here at Aloha Poké. Hearty delicious bowls of goodness!

Address: 92 Amoy Street Singapore 069911
Operating hours: Mon to Sat 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm to late.
Website here.


SarniesCredit: Sarnies

Passionate about providing food made from quality products, Sarnies is not only a popular place for their sandwiches, but also for their sumptuous range of nutritious dishes.

Address: 136 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068601
Operating hours: Mon & Tues 7.30am – 10.30pm, Wed to Fri 7.30am – 12mn.
Website here.

24-hour Fixes

If you really just want something simple, head to a 24-hour supermarket or convenience store such as Fairprice, Giant, and 7-11.

Instead of packets of chips or cup noodles, go for whole grains, meat (e.g. fish, tofu, lean chicken, beans and nuts, milk and dairy products), fruit and vegetables, or simply look for food labelled with the healthy choice symbol.

Credit: Biotechin.Asia

You may just have to hunt for a store nearby, but besides that challenge, it’s pretty much a fuss-free solution to your woes.

For Tourists And Travellers

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Healthy Fruit BowlCredit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Truth be told, there are only that much (healthy) options available past 10pm. And when you’re a tourist in Singapore, you’d probably need a lot more than travel guides if you’re ‘stuck’ in your hotel with a grumbling stomach late at night.

Fortunately, if you’re staying at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, you won’t have to worry about a thing. There are plenty of healthy snacks and meals available for you and at any time of the day.

Dine on a diverse variety of dishes from their wellness menu, which are all carefully and holistically created to suit all your dietary needs. You’ll be grateful for its presentation of extra dietary information as well, so you can order with confidence even if you’re lactose-intolerant or allergic to nuts.

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - SmoothieCredit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The best part? They are available 24-hours and in-room, so you can indulge in our local favourite “Singaporean Laksa”, or snack on some omelettes and pancakes at whim.

Even if you merely want a quick snack, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore got you covered with the in-room wellness minibar – healthy snacks to get you through your day and night!

Horizon Club guests will also get exclusive selections at the private Horizon Club Lounge. Among the list of complimentary benefits, delight yourself with the nutritious snacks and canapés as you soak in the beautiful 24th floor views.

Address: 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
Operating hours: Healthy options are available all day.
Website here


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