Local Delicacies To Try During Your Next Stopover In Singapore

Local Delicacies To Try During Your Next Stopover In Singapore

In another article, we shared an overview of places where you can get a slice of local flavours within the culinary concepts in Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts across the island. This time round, we’ve collated a list of local delicacies that you have got to try at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. So the next time you’re here for a business stopover or a relaxing vacation, you can take this as a handy food guide to tour Singapore through its flavours.

Chicken Rice

The Lobby Lounge - Chicken Rice
Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

 First on the list is “Singapore’s ‘national’ dish”: the legendary Chicken Rice.

Otherwise known as Hainanese Chicken Rice, it is the local dish that people around the world recognise and associate with Singapore, and also an all-time favourite of Singaporeans.

Succulent slices of bai ji (white chicken) or shao ji (roasted chicken) meat served atop fragrant and slightly oily rice, this dish can be found in almost every hawker centre or food court across Singapore. Adapted from early Chinese immigrants from Hainan island, the Chicken Rice today comes in a few variations – from the type of poultry used and the ingredients cooked with the rice to create the aroma, to the cooking style and the sauces to accompany the dish.

Every detail changes the taste of a dish ever so slightly, and when you order the Hainanese Chicken Rice at The Lobby Lounge, you don’t just get ordinary white broilers; you get a premium grade, Toh Thye San’s special corn-fed French Poulet.

Available at:
The Lobby Lounge (Hainanese Chicken Rice) and The Line (Singaporean Chicken Rice)

Chili Crab

The Lobby Lounge - Chili Crab with Man Tou
Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Sitting high on the must-try list beside Chicken Rice is the Chilli Crab. Another iconic dish that people rave about when they share their love for Singapore food, the Chilli Crab is prepared and served with a sweet yet savoury chili-tomato gravy that’s best enjoyed with fried or steamed buns.

You’ll find that there are several other ways that hawker zi char stalls and Chinese restaurants offer this celebrated dish in. Of the ways it’s done, the more popular ones are black pepper, salted egg and butter, but as much as they are delicious, nothing can replace the satisfying ‘oomph’ you get from chili crab –the tangy yet slightly spicy taste of the chili sauce paired with the luscious crab meat.

It can be pretty troublesome to eat crabs, and we often end up with sauce all over our fingers and hands whenever we eat chili crab. Thankfully, the Chili Crab and Mantou at The Lobby Lounge are served de-shelled with meat from king crab legs so you can enjoy the dish without the hassle of de-shelling the crab ourselves. For extra oomph, an XO chili sauce is also added.

Available at: The Lobby Lounge (Chilli Crab And Mantou)


The Lobby Lounge - LaksaImage Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Indulge in a bowl of popular spicy noodle soup inspired by the Peranakans (Straits Chinese). Thick vermicelli noodles served in a delectable bowl of broth made out of spices and coconut milk, complete with ingredients like prawns, fish cake slices, cockles, and tau pok (a beancurd variant), the laksa became a well-known Singaporean dish with the help of one particular Katong Laksa.

The most visible difference that sets the Katong Laksa apart from the rest is its signature bee hoon (rice vermicelli) that is cut short so that it can be eaten with a spoon. This is reminiscent of the roots of Katong Laksa, where the founder used to peddle the bowls of noodles from, and where he had to rid the chopsticks to make it easier to flee from the makeshift pushcart stall when authorities appear.

In the specially put together bowl of Katong Laksa served a la carte at The Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, you can expect fried bread topped with minced prawns which soaks up the gravy really well.

Available at: The Lobby Lounge (Katong Laksa) and The Line (Singaporean Laksa)

Bak Chor Mee

The Lobby Lounge - Bak Chor MeeImage Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, are more inclined towards dishes with richer or stronger flavours. A good example is a noodle dish called Bak Chor Mee (minced meat noodles).

While there are versions where the noodles are served in a clear broth with meat balls and minced meat (usually pork), the Bak Chor Mee that shot the dish to fame is the one served dry.

More endearingly known as BCM, the ‘Chor’ in BCM literally translate to mean vinegar, so you can imagine how big a part it plays in the dish. In fact, if you ask a Singaporean what makes BCM a BCM, it’s all about the sauce, and most of us like our noodles drenched with chili sauce, pork lard oil, and generous spoonfuls of vinegar.

At The Lobby Lounge, your BCM will come accompanied with a clay pot of rich fish maw soup, perfect to balance out the strong flavours of the main dish.

Available at: The Lobby Lounge (Bak Chor Mee)

Fish Soup With Bee Hoon

The Lobby Lounge - Fish Soup With Bee HoonImage Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

A go-to comfort food for many Singaporeans, a bowl of fish soup can be enjoyed on its own, with white rice, or served with bee hoon (rice vermicelli) – the last being a popular stand-alone dish as itself.

Originated in the 1920s, the use of fish head wasn’t as popular with the millennial generation today, and variations of fish soup now come with fish slices or pieces of fried fish instead. Best savoured piping hot, the stock, which is usually boiled with fish head to infuse the sweet seafood flavour into the soup, also comes with an option of added milk for a slightly thicker and sweeter taste.

The Lobby Lounge version of Fish Head Bee Hoon uses premium grade hamachi instead of the usual snakeheads that local hawkers use. The dish’s taste is further elevated with a shot of XO liqueur. When you order ala carte, you will also get to enjoy another local favourite, the Har Cheong Gai (prawn paste chicken).

Available at: The Lobby Lounge (Fish Head Bee Hoon)

Prawn Mee

The Lobby Lounge - Prawn MeeImage Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

With two main types of prawn mee (prawn noodles) available in Singapore and both equally popular, it’s not unusual for non-locals to get mixed up between the two very different dishes.

The Hokkien prawn noodle, or hokkien mee, is the fried version of yellow egg noodles with prawns, pork slices, fish cake slices, and bean sprouts.

Another version is the noodle soup. While both the fried and soup versions of prawn noodles are delicious in their own ways, the soup version is especially shiok (satisfying) when you get to slurp down the fragrant and sweet seafood soup. Some variants of the dish are even more sumptuous, with prawns being replaced with crayfish or with pork ribs added on.

Created by Mr. John Lee of the famous Beach Road Prawn Mee, the Prawn Mee Noodle Soup at The Lobby Lounge feature the best jumbo prawns and even comes with their homemade ngoh hiang (five-spice meat roll) when you order ala carte.

Available at: The Lobby Lounge (Prawn Mee Noodle Soup)

Singapore’s Local Favourites At The Lobby Lounge

Food preferences are really quite arbitrary. And instead of relying on personal preferences of a single chef to decide their menu offerings, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore collaborated with top Singapore food blogger Dr. Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost – a food blog that Singaporeans follow ardently to get advice on what’s worth the calories and what’s not worth queuing for around the island.

This exclusive collaboration resulted in the six dishes above, the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chili Crab And Mantou, Katong Laksa, Bak Chor Mee, Fish Head Bee Hoon, and Prawn Mee Noodle Soup.

Also, on top of these six local delicacies presented at The Lobby Lounge, you can also get other local delights like char kway teow, rojak, satay, mee goreng, nasi goreng, and many other dishes at their award-winning – all day dining restaurant The Line.

Make your reservations at The Lobby Lounge now.


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