Meet The Baker Behind The Artisanal Goods

Meet The Baker Behind The Artisanal Goods

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Chef Chrisophe GrosImage Credit: SALT Magazine

The crafting of a good piece of bread or pastry is a lengthy labour of love. Yet it didn’t stop Consultant Master Baker Chrisophe Gros from baking for 28 years and counting – a reflection of the love he has for his craft.

Citing his French roots, he shared how his go-to comfort food is good old classic croissant. “Nothing can replace the feeling of holding a freshly baked croissant in your hand, inhaling the fragrance of the butter, biting into the warm pastry and hearing the flaky crunch.”

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Shophouse by Shangri-La

Working alongside Area Executive Pastry Chef Hervé Potus, Chef Christophe is the mastermind behind many of the artisanal creations offered at Shophouse by Shangri-La, a novel culinary gift shop at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore that offers a wide selection of Singapore delicacies and ShopHouse signature gifts and products.

The Baker

You’ll never find breads that taste exactly the same as those at Shophouse by Shangri-La, as every ingredient used is a careful choice that stemmed from Chef Christophe’s 28 years of baking experience all over the world.

Working hard to ensure that beloved guests get only the crème de la crème, Chef Christophe draws inspiration from his home in Lyon, the food capital of France.

Today, with 28 years of experience baking all over the world as Master Baker and consultant, he still fondly remembers the eureka moment when he finally baked a successful sourdough after over twenty tries. 

The Bread

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Shophouse by Shangri-La

Bread at Shophouse by Shangri-La are made with sourdough, which is a mix of flour, water, and wild yeast. The popularity of sourdough bread is undeniable, with many eateries, cafes, and bakeries offering sourdough bread on their menus today. Sourdough gives the bread a distinct flavour. Good sourdough bread, however, isn’t easy to bake.

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Chef Christophe Gros
Image Credit: Christophe Gros

With so many elements to consider in baking good sourdough bread, a good baker makes a world of difference to the quality of the bread.

As Chef Christophe best puts it, “sourdough is very temperamental, like a woman. It needs a lot of care and attention in order to produce a consistent quality of bread.”

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore - Shophouse by Shangri-La

While the baked goods are served fresh from the oven daily, what you may not know is that it may have been prepared two days ago. The loaves take up to 48 hours to create from start to finish – the chefs put in a lot of work for something that you’d devour in a couple of minutes!

As a gift from Chef Christophe, the signature special Wake Up Call is created exclusively for Shophouse by Shangri-La. SALT Magazine has recently shared an article about the breakfast breads at Shophouse, which delves deeper into the different daily breads available.

Breads are priced at $5.50 for a loaf.
Shophouse by Shangri-La is open daily from 7am to 9pm.
For enquiries or orders, call +65 6213 4377, or email


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