Singapore Calling — Meet the Slovakian Bar Manager from Origin Grill & Bar

Singapore Calling — Meet the Slovakian Bar Manager from Origin Grill & Bar

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Inspired by his father who managed a hotel bar and worked on a cruise ship, Adam “Eddy” Bursik knew that he wanted to work in a bar when he was 12. The seeds of exploration and travel were planted as a child, and Adam knew he wanted to venture beyond Slovakian shores to experience and taste the flavours the world had to offer.


Origin Grill & Bar’s Adam “Eddy” Bursik / Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

With the brutal Slovakian winters, comes with a strong drinking culture.

“I was 9 years old when I first tasted alcohol in an eggnog, and then experienced my first hangover by drinking too much eggnog by accident.  When I was 12, I received my first bartender kit for Christmas. By the time I was 14, I entered my first competition.”

Well, the rest is history.

After running well-known bars in Slovakia as head bartender and bar manager where creating unconventional drinks was his passion, Adam arrived in Singapore three years ago managing award winning bar The Library before launching Origin Bar in Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

Spiced Pineapple Gin / Image Credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

“Pineapples were a rare thing growing up and we only had them at Christmas during my childhood. It was our winter treat. Here in Asia, the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and wealth and readily available all year round. You’ll definitely find pineapple in my drinks.”

Tanqueray 10 / Image Credit: Universal Fine Wine & Spirits

The tropical fruit also graces the crest on the Tanqueray 10 bottles. In the 1800s, having pineapples in one’s home in Europe was a sign of wealth and power as they were expensive and difficult to get hold of. They also symbolised hospitality and prosperity like the Chinese homonym for luck and prosperity.

“Singapore is a wonderland of aromas, flavours and colours. I discovered durian and jackfruit here, the former I don’t really like, but the jackfruit has to be one of my favourite fruits.”

Join Adam on his journey, experiences and stories distilled in every cocktail – inspired by his tasting adventures through the city.

Find out more about Origin Bar here.


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