Stories in a Glass — Where it All Comes Together

Stories in a Glass — Where it All Comes Together

February 6, 2018 By

Narratives can take many forms. At Origin Bar, it’s an immersive experience – from visuals, aromas to flavours and textures, bartender Adam Bursik and his team have captured their Singapore stories in a glass.

Image Credit: Origin Grill & Bar

The cocktail programme at Origin bar is a tribute to the heritage of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore – the group’s first hotel built in 1971, the name was inspired by the fictional urban utopia of the same name in book “Lost Horizon” by English writer James Hilton.

We have arrived here through the journey of discovery and adventure that involves all the senses.

Image Credit: Origin Grill & Bar

Explore how Adam’s sketches, concept ideas and the various experiments have arrived at the individual cocktails.

Image Credit: Origin Grill & Bar

Origin bar is now open. Join us on this tasting journey through old and new Singapore.


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