The Yin & Yang in Poetic Chaos — Combining Cultures and Flavours

The Yin & Yang in Poetic Chaos — Combining Cultures and Flavours

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Exploring Little India and Chinatown gave rise to plenty of inspiration. Here, Adam followed the scent of jasmine flowers used in religious offerings and to ward off evil. Sandalwood, curry leaves, and kaffir lime leaves provide aromatic and complex flavours to layer his drinks.

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He also discovered tamarind, a fruit that he has never seen in Slovakia, used to flavour many South East Asian dishes. You’ll find the tart-sweet flavour in “Leaf the curry” cocktail – an ode to the colours and aromas of Little India and the poetic chaos of the neighourhood.

Skimming the surface of traditional Chinese medicine and learning about the “hot” and “cold” foods, Adam experiments with common ingredients in floral and herbal teas.

In “Feel the Heal”, Bentianna is a Slovakian honey based liquor made with the yellow gentian flower and gentian roots to complement chrysanthemum. This liquor was first created by monks in Tatras and rediscovered by Adam’s friend Joseph Benji Benian in Slovakia.

Yellow Gentian Flower

“Berry Uncle” a play on the colloquial slang features the Hawthorn berry fruit that is used in medicine in both medieval Europe and Chinese medicine, known to be good for heart health.

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